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Al Shaqab Racing launches its first all-digital stallions brochure

For the 10th edition of our annual stallions brochure, we're turning the page on the Al Shaqab Racing printed stallions catalogue, and launching a new chapter with an exclusively digital stallions brochure.

Al Shaqab Racing's marketing manager Audrey Leyval comments the reasons behind this decision:

"Breeders & racing professionals are naturally turning to the digital to follow their horses, track data or research their matings. It seemed essential to us to provide breeders with a range of online tools to help them with their stallions choices.
Last year, we've launched our online stallions comparative tool Versus, available on both our site, which has an international bearing, and on Haras de Bouquetot's, aiming more specifically at French breeders. This year, proposing a digital brochure to introduce our young stallions as well as our proven sires meant to be able to update data and offer more tools than a printed brochure could offer.
The Al Shaqab Stallions brochure was indeed a beautiful piece, but its relevance was questionable and its optimization made unavoidable by the current digital era. We've taken the decision to stop its production to limit an unnecessary environmental impact. In the first instance, only the smaller Breeders' Handbook from Haras de Bouquetot will remain printed for the Normandy Stallions Tour, as in practice this booklet has always seemed much more used by the breeders than the main Al Shaqab annual brochure."

To access our new digital brochure, visit


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