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Working together for the rehoming & retraining of our racehorses !

As owner & breeder of both Thoroughbreds and Purebred Arabians, we are firmly committed to ensuring the future of our former racehorses. Since its inception, the Al Shaqab Racing stable has worked closely with certified rehoming associations, as well as with trusted individuals, who give their time, expertise and patience for the retraining of our horses for leisure or competition.  
In 2019 Al Shaqab Racing has officially become a sponsor of the RoR Parade during the Henry Cecil Open Weekend in the UK, and has since also been a partner of the French rehoming association Au Delà Des Pistes. We are proud to support both associations, whose actions and communication are more than ever fundamental for the British & French racing industry.


Send us some news and share your horse’s life story!

You’ve recently acquired a former Al Shaqab racehorse? Get in touch on! As a token of our appreciation for your care, we are delighted to offer you this saddlepad in the colours of the Al Shaqab Racing stable. Send us the best pictures of your horse, as well as his history and progress as a retrained racehorse, and we'll be pleased to publish them on our Instagram @alshaqab_rehoming and on our website

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